DeSilva+Phillips white papers on little-understood sectors of the media market have startled and challenged their readers and are frequently cited in business plans and confidential offering memoranda.

DeSilva+Phillips' annual Insider's Guide to the Media M&A Marketplace, published each January since 1998, gives sellers and buyers of media properties a sense of context and perspective which guides their strategic decisionmaking.

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  • Interesting News in Publishing

    Managing Director Robin Warner publishes monthly newsletters synthesizing the developments that shape the M&A landscape within the EdTech and trade publishing sectors.

    Interesting News in Publishing, August 2016
    Interesting News in Publishing, July 2016
    Interesting News in Publishing, June 2016
    Interesting News in Publishing, May 2016
    Interesting News in Publishing, April 2016
    Interesting News in Publishing, March 2016
    Interesting News in Publishing, February 2016

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  • M&A International An overview of M&A International's Media Industry Group PDF
  • D+P eCommerce Outlook D+P presented our eCommerce Market Outlook at our Dealmakers Series eCommerce event at the Harvard Club in February 2015.

    The presentation discusses global eCommerce trends that will shape the market over the next 10 years, including:
    - Convergence of online and offline
    - eCommerce valuations are double those of brick-and-mortar retailers
    - Specialization
    - The role of M&A in helping players scale and compete, as explosive growth means larger M&A multiples
    - Cross-border M&A Activity
    - M&A activity between online and offline
  • D+P & MAI: Information Services Whitepaper Information Services are part of the media sector and offer business-oriented packages of news, data, insights and software tools that companies use to make decisions that drive their business. This whitepaper examines M&A activity in the Information Services industry from January 2011 through September 2013 and provides insight into the following:

    Which deals were the largest?
    Who are the most active buyers?
    Which segments of information services are the most robust for M&A?
    How does M&A volume break down by geography?
    What are the drivers of M&A in this sector?

    The whitepaper was prepared in cooperation with our partners at 45 middle-market investment banks in 40 countries around the world for our organization, M&A International.

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