By recognizing the particular challenges and opportunities for each seller or buyer, we develop a process that produces the best price, the right asset, the most competitive corporate finance solution.

Selling and Buying

The process of selling a company is complex, disciplined and individualized but the result is simply stated: we get the best price for our client. When selling a company or corporate asset, we evaluate and recommend financial and strategic options, advise on the right sales process for the particular situation, prepare an offering memorandum constructed to appeal to potential buyers, and most important, communicate our client’s value to the most likely—not merely the most obvious—buyers. 

We structure the process to fit the client—not the other way around. The client’s strategic advantage determines our recommendation of a full auction, a limited auction, or a negotiated transaction (sometimes called a pre-emptive transaction). Our experience and insight ensure the right outcome.

When advising buyers, we deploy our knowledge of the media and digital media market and our in-depth understanding of our client’s acquisition strategy to find the right company or asset at the right price. When the fit is right, we help structure a transaction that resolves complex issues and produces a solution that works.

Our buy-side assignments—like all of our work—are conducted by partners and managing directors with an intimate understanding of the target media or digital media companies.

Corporate Finance

Thanks to DeSilva+Phillips’ understanding of media operations, our financing know-how and our access to the widest range of lenders and investors in the media arena, our clients have found successful solutions for a variety of complex problems, dealing with acquisition financing and capital restructuring. DeSilva+Phillips does not invest, does not act as a lender, does not advise on investments and does not publish securities research. Our sole interest is the best outcome for our client.


In response to the many inquiries it has received from digital and traditional media companies, private equity firms and commercial lenders, DeSilva+Phillips formally established its operational restructuring practice to assist clients in identifying and analyzing challenging corporate performance and capital market structures.  D+P addresses each assignment with a team of senior bankers possessing in-depth, demonstrated expertise in finance, mergers and acquisitions, valuation and operational restructuring.


For clients who are considering the sale of their company, thinking of retiring, looking for financing or a new investor – or who may be engaged in a legal action – DeSilva+Phillips has the requisite expertise and experience to work with clients and their advisors to provide the kinds of valuation answers that are essential when addressing these critical issues.
With over 20 years of M&A experience leading more than 250 transactions and as experienced owner/operators ourselves, we understand what drives enterprise value.  Our experts have the relevant financial and modeling expertise to analyze the value of a business using the most sophisticated and appropriate methods, including both the Market Approach and Income Approach.  The difference is that we are able to dig much deeper to identify, understand and assess the many financial and non-financial factors that ultimately drive enterprise value.

D+P has completed scores of formal written valuations and provided expert witness testimony for clients that include major media companies, leading commercial banks, Private Equity sponsors and attorneys as well as individual company owners and entrepreneurs. 


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