DeSilva+Phillips honors the simplicity and strength of basic principles: sellers deserve the highest price; buyers deserve the best deal;  restructurings require the most efficient solution.  We achieve the optimum solution for our client —not simply a tombstone.

We’ve successfully concluded over 275 deals—among them the most signficant deals our industry has seen.

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Featured deals

  • October 2016

    Wondersauce, a digitally integrated advertising agency has been sold to Project: Worldwide, a global marketing agency network


  • August 2016

    iStrategy Labs, a digital agency that combines digital and physical experiences, has been sold to J. Walter Thompson, a global marketing communications agency of WPP    


  • July 2016

    n2y LLC, a leading developer of education curricula and teaching materials for K-12 students with special needs, has been sold to The Riverside Company.