Automobile Quarterly

July 2000


Kutztown Publishing Inc. has sold Automobile Quarterly to Automobile Heritage & Communications, Inc.

The Seller
The Automobile Quarterly magazine features articles on significant automobile marques and interesting individual cars, biographies of famous people in automotive history, competitive vehicles and races, as well as automotive art and collectibles. The publication has been noted for the use of both original full-color photography and rare black-and-white photos. Its hard-cover format and lack of advertising set it apart from all other automotive publications. In addition to publishing and printing Automobile Quarterly, Kutztown Publishing also prints books, posters and art prints distributed by AQ. Over the course of the 35-year business relationship between Automobile Quarterly and Kutztown Publishing, they won two Neographics Nth awards, countless Best of Category and Best of Show design and printing awards, and numerous writing and editing prizes.
The Buyer
Automobile Heritage & Communications, Inc. is a newly formed company.